The UltraVector® platform, our cornerstone technology, is designed to accelerate the identification of relevant pathways within an organism for the production of complex biological molecules, design a variety of alternative solutions for their expression, and rapidly build and evaluate solution sets to select the most promising alternatives.
We believe our novel biological solutions can increase yield and productivity, which are critical in the development of alternative energy and the production of chemicals. We are already applying synthetic biology for energy and chemical production and look to potential collaborators to help us bring these advances to market:

Intrexon is working to develop engineered microbes for biological conversion to produce alternative fuels. We have achieved initial proof of concept for the conversion of methane to an alternative alcohol-based fuel, isobutanol, by engineered bacteria.

Intrexon is working to develop engineered microbes to create sustainable alternatives to carbon feed stocks by upgrading low cost carbon sources to higher value fuels and chemicals. We are researching and developing economically-viable alternatives to carbon feed stocks, which we believe are critical to the future and sustainability of the chemical industry.
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