Our Business

Intrexon is a leader in the field of synthetic biology. Using our Better DNA® suite of proprietary and complementary technologies, we design, build and regulate gene programs and cellular systems to enable the development of new and improved products and processes across a variety of market sectors, including Health, Food, Energy, Environment, and Consumer.
Intrexon establishes exclusive channel collaborations (ECCs) in these fields to create more effective, less costly and more sustainable solutions through synthetic biology.  We believe our ECC business model is a capital efficient and rapid way to participate in a more diversified range of product opportunities and industrial end markets. To ensure mutual success, Intrexon and our collaborators focus on our respective competencies.  Our collaborators provide market and product development expertise, including sales, marketing and regulatory functions, while we oversee the engineering, construction and optimization of gene programs for desired outcomes. 
Intrexon has developed a unique suite of technologies, which share key characteristics for creating biologically based solutions across multiple sectors.

Host neutral — outcome oriented. 

We can work across different cell types with the objective of achieving the intended biological outcome allowing for product development across a broad spectrum of end markets.

Knowledge driven. 

We use statistical modeling tools and computational analysis to continually acquire more knowledge about biological systems and their design to continually improve our ability to develop new and improved products and processes for our collaborators.

Rationally designed. 

Our knowledge of biological systems and components allows us to design, build and select gene programs and predict the probable outcome of these programs. 

Capable of complexity. 

Our technologies enable the design and precise control of complex biological molecules and multigenic gene programs.

Industrial scale. 

We use engineering principles and automation to enable products based on synthetic biology that are commercially viable.

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