Intrexon Institute for Biomolecular Research (IIBR)

About IIBR

The Intrexon Institute for Biomolecular Research (IIBR) establishes collaborations between not-for-profit institutions and Intrexon’s market sectors.  These collaborations provide institutions access to Intrexon’s powerful enabling technology platforms, our team’s broad technical expertise, and our proprietary biomaterials (e.g., DNA, RNA, protein, virus, cells, organisms, etc.).  
Access to Intrexon’s technologies is typically limited to select labs within defined areas of research, thereby providing IIBR collaborators a competitive advantage in generating publications, winning grants and developing valuable intellectual property and new commercialization opportunities.   In some cases, the value of Intrexon’s in-kind contribution to the research may even qualify for matching funds within various grant vehicles.
If an IIBR partner brings its own proprietary technology assets into the research collaboration, a successful IIBR program may accelerate the commercial development of such assets through one of Intrexon’s established Exclusive Channel Collaborators (ECCs), with future Intrexon ECCs, or through the creation of an ECC through a new spin-out venture company. 

Intrexon’s Expertise Across Diverse Markets

Intrexon’s research and development initiatives are organized into four market sectors – Health, Food, Energy and Environment – that leverage the company’s proprietary technologies to serve the unique requirements and to address specific challenges in each industry.  Our wide range of commercial interests gives Intrexon access to a diverse array of complex molecular and cellular interactions in multiple species and expression hosts, and enables creative design, research and development of biological products. Intrexon’s library of control components and systems allows for genetic modification and delivery to provide the desired amount of expression, for the desired duration, at the desired location.  

Leveraging Intrexon’s Expertise with Yours

We encourage collaboration discussions with IIBR to identify how Intrexon technologies can be applied to address specific needs in your field of interest for the advancement of research programs and development of high-value biological products.
Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.
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